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FAANGMine v1.1 (release updates) integrates reference genome assemblies of bovine, goat, horse, pig, sheep, chicken, cat, dog and water buffalo with many other biological data sets. See the Data Source page for assembly versions. Model organism data (human, mouse, rat) allow well-curated data sets to be applied using orthology.

Please contact us if you would like any additional template queries or if you have a concern about a query not completing.

Interaction datasets include BioGrid and IntAct.

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Variation data includes variant and variant effects from Ensembl (all species except pig and water buffalo) and QTL from AnimalQTLdb (bovine, pig, sheep, chicken).

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These template queries enable the retrieval of database cross references (DBxref) and alias. DBxref are provided for gene ids across different gene sets and assemblies. Aliases are provided for SNP ids.

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